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About the Twitter Engage app

Twitter Engage is an easy and functional companion app for Twitter. Grow and understand your Twitter audiences on-the-go by leveraging real-time data and insights. Download Twitter Engage from the App Store and simply log in with your Twitter credentials to get started.

Note: Twitter Engage is only available for iOS and in the United States at this time.

Twitter Engage is great for people who create rich Tweets that include videos, GIFs, photos, etc. It is a convenient way to engage with and build your ideal audience, and even monetize your content. Once you’ve Tweeted your content, you can view and understand your performance analytics in real-time.

How to engage with your Twitter network

The Engage tab  lists your high-value account engagements—filtered into 3 sections. It’s an easy and efficient way to connect with important Twitter influencers and your fans, giving you the best opportunities for building your ideal audience.

  • Top: View a list of your new followers and mentions, with easy-to-follow prompts to engage with your audience when they follow or mention you.
  • Mentions: View a list of every time you are mentioned by your username.
  • Verified: View a list of all interactions your account has had with verified accounts, such as follows, likes, Retweets, and mentions.
Note: If you tap on any of your Top, Mentions, or Verified activity in the Engage tab, you’ll be redirected to your Twitter for iOS app to view the original Tweet or follower account.

How to monetize your Twitter activity

The Earnings tab  helps you monetize your content on Twitter through the Amplify Open and Niche programs. Once you are enrolled in one or both programs, you can review your earnings data directly from the tab.

  • Amplify Open: Once approved, you can monetize your videos with pre-roll ads which run before your content. It’s easy to opt-in, control, and track performance metrics right from your Engage app. 
  • Niche: The Niche platform gives you the ability to grow, understand, and monetize your social presence. Work with brands to create resonating branded content. Sign up for the program and track your earnings directly from your Engage app.

How to understand your Twitter activity

The Understand tab  gives you a metric overview of your account. View and understand real-time tracking of metrics such as your Retweets, likes, mentions, video views, and Tweet impressions. You can filter results by time periods of 24 hours (default), 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days.

Get to know your audience with the Your Fans are Tweeting About section—a real-time list of what your network is saying and sharing. This is particularly beneficial for content creation in the moment, so you can connect with your audience on their most-talked-about topics.

Additionally, learn even more about your audience with a snapshot view of their gender and location breakdown.

How to view your Twitter activity

The Post tab  has 3 core sections:

  • Video: View a reverse chronological list of your videos.
  • Photos + GIFs: View a reverse chronological list of your photos and GIFs.
  • Other: View a reverse chronological list of your Tweets without media.

Your list of Tweets in each tab gives you a snapshot view of your impressions, engagements, and earnings. Tap the Tweet detail for a more in-depth look at your Tweet metrics and replies from your audience.

How to Tweet from the app

The Twitter Engage app mirrors the publishing experience of Twitter. To Tweet, or take a video or photo, tap on the Tweet compose icon  from the app header at the top—just like you would from your Twitter for iOS app or If you’d like a refresher, read our Sharing and watching videos on Twitter and Posting photos or GIFs on Twitter articles for more information on creating and sharing content.

Note: Twitter Engage does not list your Twitter timelines. To view your timelines and Tweets from the people you follow, visit your Twitter for iOS app or


  • Super fan: One of your most loyal fans. This type of fan(s) actively engages with you, and has generally followed you for a long time.
  • Influencer: A Twitter user with a large following, with the potential to influence your account engagement.
  • Verified user: The verified Twitter account for a brand, business, or person, indicated with a blue check icon next to their name.

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