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How do I get started?

What is Twitter? Twitter is the place to find out about what’s happening in the world right now. Whether you’re interested in...

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How do I find friends?

When you upload your contacts to your account, we can help you find people you may know on Twitter. Then you’ll be able to fin...

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Should I protect my Tweets?

What is the difference between public and protected Tweets? When you sign up for Twitter, your Tweets are public by default...

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How do I reply to people or Tweets?

You can join conversations on Twitter by replying to others and by mentioning them in your own Tweets. Reply overview A re...

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What is a Direct Message?

Direct Messages are the private side of Twitter. You can use Direct Messages to have private conversations with people about T...

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What is a hashtag?

A hashtag—written with a # symbol—is used to index keywords or topics on Twitter. This function was created on Twitter, and al...

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