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TweetDeck columns

Using TweetDeck columns

Instead of a single timeline, TweetDeck allows you to create columns to display specific content that interests you and view them in one interface. You can create a column that shows all your mentions, the results of a search query, a list of likes, the latest Tweets from a hashtag or trend, etc.

To add a column:

  1. From the navigation bar, click on the plus icon  to select Add column
  2. Select the type of column you would like to add.
  3. Under Your accounts, select the account you wish to populate the column.
Note: You can also create columns using information based on actions from other accounts. Click on the account username and choose from actions such as their mentions, lists, collections, or likes.

To remove a column:

  1. Click the filter icon in the column header, next to the column title.
  2. Click the Remove button to delete a column.

Column filters

You can easily control the type of Tweets you would like displayed in each of your columns. You can select from Content, Users, or Alerts; or a combination of the three. 

  • Content filtering allows you to filter the column by a certain type of Tweet, such as Retweets, Tweets containing a specific word or phrase, or Tweets with photos. 
  • The user filter allows you to filter Tweets within a specific column written by a certain author and those they mention. 
  • The alert filter allows you to enable pop-ups or sounds for a particular column.
Note: If you create a search column, you can also filter results by location, date, and engagement. The location filter allows you to easily narrow down your search results to find relevant content in the area you are interested in. Only unprotected Tweets geotagged with a location will appear in search results when a location filter is applied.

To create a filter:

  1. Click the filter iconin the column header, next to the column title.
  2. Select which types of filter(s) (Content, Users, or Alerts) you would like applied to the column.
  3. Click the filter icon again to collapse the column settings.
Note: Columns with custom filtering will display Filtered by along with the icon for the filter you have enabled.

Column reordering

Easily rearrange the order of columns in TweetDeck with just a few quick clicks.

  1. Click the filter iconin the column header, next to the column title.
  2. Click the left or right arrow depending on which direction you’d like to move the column.
Note: You can also drag and drop the columns by their corresponding icons from the navigation bar to reorder your columns.

Types of TweetDeck columns and what they display:

  • Timeline: Home timeline for a specific account (any account)
  • Notifications: notifications for a specific account, including when the account's Tweets are retweeted, liked, or mentioned, and when users follow the account
  • Mentions: when users mention a specific account
  • Followers: follow activity for a specific account
  • Messages: Direct Messages for a specific account
  • Search: a specific search term
  • Lists: create or connect a list you already follow
  • Tweets: Tweets from a specific account
  • Likes: Tweets marked as likes from a specific account
  • Trending: specific worldwide trends
  • Activity: what’s happening with the accounts you follow
  • Inbox: Direct Messages from all your authorized accounts in aggregate
  • Scheduled: your scheduled Tweets
  • Collection: a timeline of curated Tweets, hand-selected by you, to share with others

Need help?

Our TweetDeck troubleshooting article lists known issues and solutions to common problems.