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Counterfeit goods policy

Twitter prohibits the sale or promotion of sale of counterfeit goods on the Twitter platform. 

What are counterfeit goods?

Counterfeit goods are goods that are promoted, sold, or otherwise distributed using a trademark or brand that is identical to, or substantially indistinguishable from, the registered trademark or brand of another, without authorization from the trademark or brand owner. Counterfeit goods attempt to deceive consumers into believing the counterfeit is a genuine product of the brand owner, or to represent themselves as faux, replicas or imitations of the genuine product.

How is this policy different from Twitter’s trademark policy?

Twitter’s trademark policy applies to uses of trademarks that may mislead or confuse others about one’s brand affiliation, other than sale or promotion of counterfeit goods. Twitter’s counterfeit goods policy applies to the sale or promotion of counterfeit goods.

What is a Counterfeit Goods Policy Violation on Twitter?

Selling or promoting counterfeit goods on the platform is a violation of Twitter’s counterfeit goods policy. Twitter’s counterfeit goods policy prohibits but is not limited to:

  • Non-genuine products that attempt to pass themselves off as genuine products of the trademark or brand owner.
  • Products described as faux, replicas or imitations, etc., using a trademark or brand name, without authorization of the trademark or brand owner.

How Does Twitter Respond to Counterfeit Reports?

We review each report and do the following:

  • If we determine that there is a violation of our counterfeit policy, we may suspend the account or disable access to the material.
  • If you are an advertiser on the Twitter Ads Platform: Promoted Tweets that violate this policy will be rejected and we may remove you from the Twitter Ads platform.

What is not a Counterfeit Policy Violation?

  • Content which provides news, information, or commentary about goods or services is not a violation of this counterfeit goods policy.
  • Promotion or sale, including resale, of genuine branded goods, may not be a violation.
  • The use of trademarked materials in a misleading way that does not involve the sale or promotion of counterfeit goods would not be a violation of this counterfeit goods policy, but may be a violation of our trademark policy.

How do I Report a Counterfeit Policy Violation?

If you are concerned about an account violating Twitter’s Counterfeit Goods Policy, please file a report through our support form. Using the appropriate form ensures we have all the information necessary to process your report quickly. Please provide all information requested in the form. If you submit a report with incomplete information, we will follow up with you to request that information. Please note that this will result in a delay in processing your report.

If you have trouble using the form, try updating your browser or switching to another browser.


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